To make your own Life Map, sign up with Tyne Online and speak with an adviser to get your passport to SIGNAL.

If you are already registered with Newcastle Futures or Tyne Online, speak to your adviser to book an appointment to go through the life plan, or to get the login details to complete this by yourself.

            Signal Life Map


We all face difficult times in our lives and currently it is even more important than ever that we provide you with a service that helps you plan for the future. SIGNAL is a great tool to help you do just that. From the comfort of your own home, SIGNAL helps you create your own ‘Life Map’ which puts you in control of deciding what your top priorities are and what you want to do about them. It is very easy to use and your adviser will be on hand to give you any help you might need and to discuss next steps. Here’s what people are saying about SIGNAL:

What People Say



SIGNAL really helped me.  It allowed me to take control and set my own priorities and goals. The way it’s structured and the way the indicators are described on the Life Map helps you to see your circumstances clearer and what you can do about them. I really like SIGNAL.  Some surveys I’ve had to complete end up making me feel bad about myself because they seem to highlight all the things I can’t do. SIGNAL does the opposite. I would recommend it to anyone.



I was at rock bottom and had given up hope. But, using SIGNAL helped to lift me out of that dark place because I could see the positives in my life as well as the negatives. This made me feel like I was taking control of my life.

I would recommend SIGNAL because it has helped me not just to think about my future but also to also look forward to it!