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5 Tips for a Healthy Head

Stay indoors, keep positive! 🙌☺️✌️

💛Keep connected with friends and family, or better still - volunteer as a befriender! There are many ways to keep connected online - sites like Google Hangouts and Houseparty allow for group video chats. To reach out to your wider community, check out:

💛Exercise your mind with some reading, revisit an old favourite or swap with members in your household. if reading’s not for you, Audible has made hundreds of titles free to download amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, have a listen here:

💛Dream big! Now is a great time to start planning and nurturing any of those ideas you’ve pushed to the back of your head. Take a couple of hours to draw out some of your ambitions for the future, want to learn a new skill? Plan a trip? Start up a creative project? Actively writing these dreams on paper will lift your spirits and sets a great reminder this pandemic will not last forever!

💛Get your feng-shui on point. Environment is so important, now more than ever. Think about the layout of the space you inhabit - rearranging furniture or simply changing your sheets and fluffing up a pillow will inspire a fresh outlook and a positive attitude.

💛If all else fails, hop on to for their global live streams of cute animals all over the world! Penguins on Long Beach California is a current favourite

Remember throughout all of this, the Tyne Online team are here to help.

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