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Below you will find a series of links to important information pages published UK Government on their website. This information is updated regularly.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Gov Guidance: Rule of six to tackle coronavirus in place now.

New law to prohibit both indoor and outdoor social gatherings of more than 6 people has come into play today.

Gov Guidance: Self-isolating after returning to the UK, your employment rights.

Guidance for employees and employers on self-isolating after returning to the UK.

Gov Guidance: Domestic abuse and getting help during the coronavirus outbreak.

This guidance is for people without English as a first language and it offers advice around how to get help if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse.

Gov: New Jobhelp website for jobseekers. 

The Government has launched a new website called Jobhelp which provides advice around redundancy, the latest job vacancies, critical jobs, job search ideas, job search tools, information around transferable skills and local support.

Gov Guidance: Advice from Public Health England for the public around the mental health and wellbeing aspects of coronavirus.

Read about what can help your mental health and wellbeing, planning for potential challenges and advice for specific groups with additional mental health needs.

Gov Guidance: High value courses; a one year offer for 18 and 19 year olds

Additional funding for school and college leavers aged 18-19 to encourage and support the delivery of selected level 2 and level 3 qualifications in response to coronavirus.

Gov Update: New digital support for apprentices who have lost their jobs during coronavirus.

The new Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices (ReSSA) launched on 1 August to help apprentices who have lost their jobs during the pandemic to find new opportunities.

Gov Press Release: New law for furloughed employees.

Furloughed employees to receive full, statutory redundancy pay under new government law, based on their normal wages rather than a reduced furlough rate.

Gov Press Release: Eat Out to Help Out.

More than 53,000 outlets across the UK have signed up for the government’s Eat Out to Help Out Scheme. Diners who eat in these venues any Monday to Wednesday in August will benefit from 50% discount, up to a maximum of £10 per person on food and non alcoholic drinks. 

Gov Press Release: Disabled people exempt from wearing face coverings in enclosed spaces from Friday 24 July.

The government has set out a list of face covering exemptions including disabled people, anyone under the age of 11, anyone with dementia and those who have hidden health conditions such as breathing difficulties, mental health conditions of autism.

Gov News: Millions of face coverings will be made by production lines each week.

A government drive to increase UK production of face coverings has started.

Gov Press Release: New plans to ensure both smoking and non-smoking outdoor options in pubs, cafes and restaurants.

An amendment tabled on 19 July to legislation in Parliament.

Gov Guidance: When to wear a face covering and how to make your own.

Guidance from the government also includes what a face covering is, how they reduce the transmission of covid-19 and how they should be safely used and stored.

Gov Statement: Face coverings are mandatory in shops and supermarkets from 24 July 2020.

Matt Hancock spoke about plans to make face coverings mandatory in shops and supermarkets.

Gov Speech 8 July 2020: Chancellor Rishi Sunak

A Plan for Jobs 2020 speech around protecting, supporting and creating jobs.

Gov Press Release: Majority of children no longer required to shield.

The government has confirmed that the majority of children currently considered extremely clinical vulnerable to COVID-19 will be able to be removed from the shielded patient list.

Gov Guidance: Universal Credit and childcare.

If you are getting Universal Credit, you can claim back up to 85% of the costs of childcare that has taken place and you have already paid for.

Gov Press Release: £40 million green jobs challenge fund.

The funds will create jobs in conservation and nature recovery.

Gov Update: Hairdressers, pubs and restaurants to open on 4 July 2020.

Practical guidelines to help pubs, restaurants and hairdressers open safely during the coronavirus pandemic. Measures include: table service, ordering through apps and encouraging customers to use hand sanitiser or hand-washing facilities when they enter the venue.

Gov Coronavirus and youth offending team update: Support for children under 18 years old. 

A leaflet for children detailing support provided by youth offending teams during the covid-19 outbreak. 

Gov News 24 June 2020: Public Health England issues heat warning to vulnerable people and groups during coronavirus.

Public Health England are encouraging people shielding and more vulnerable groups to take care during the heatwave this week.

Gov Press Release 23 June 2020: Boris Johnson announces easing of lockdown measures in England.

The Prime Minister has outlined that from 4th July, pubs, restaurants and hairdressers will be able to reopen providing they adhere to COVID Secure guidelines.

Gov Press Release: Next phase of NHS coronavirus app. 

The next phase of development in building an app that supports the end-to-end NHS Test and Trace service.

Gov Guidance: How to wear and make a cloth face covering.

Public Health England guidance around making your own face covering using a t-shirt or by sewing your own cloth face covering.

Gov Press Release: Write letters to people isolating at home says Loneliness Minister.

Encouragement to the public to reach out to friends, family and neighbours who are elderly or otherwise clinically vulnerable. This includes those who are pregnant, aged 70 or older or with an underlying health condition

Gov Guidance NHS test and trace and how it works.

An overview of the NHS test and trace service, including what happens if you test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) or have had close contact with someone who has tested positive.

Gov Speech: Prime Minister Statement at Coronavirus Press Conference 10 June.

Boris Johnson’s 10 June coronavirus press conference speech.

Gov Press Release: £63m for local authorities to assist those struggling to afford food and other essentials.

New funding confirmed for local authorities to help those who are struggling financially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov Update: Parents returning to work after extended leave eligible for furlough.

People on paternity and maternity leave who return to work in the coming months will be eligible for the government’s furlough scheme.

Gov Press Release: Covid-19 tests offered to every care home for elderly or those with dementia.

Test kits have been offered to every care home for over-65s or those with dementia in England, reaching the testing target for 6th June.

Gov Guidance: How to self isolate when you travel to the UK.

From 8th June 2020, everyone who travels to the UK will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Gov Guidance: Redundancy Payments.

Links to information and guidance around your redundancy rights and what you can apply for and how you can apply.

Gov Update: Chancellor Rishi Sunak extends Self-Employment Support Scheme and confirms Furlough next steps.

Those eligible under the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme will be able to claim a second and final grant in August. RIshi Sunak also outlines further details on the extension of the Job Retention Scheme.

Gov update: Restrictions set to ease for extremely vulnerable people who have been shielding indoors in England.

Those who have been “shielding” indoors in England during the coronavirus pandemic to be able to spend time outdoors from Monday 1st June 2020.

Gov Guidance for the Public: Phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England.

Guidance following the new government rules from Monday 1st June 2020 around exercising outside with up to 5 people.

Gov Speech: Transport Secretary’s statement on 12 June 2020

From 15 June 2020, it is essential in England to wear a face covering on public transport, including: buses, trains, planes, trams and ferries.Transport operators will be able to refuse permission to travel where someone isn’t using a face covering.

Gov Speech: 25th May 2020 PM Press Conference Statement.

Boris Johnson’s statement at the daily coronavirus press conference on 25th May 2020.

Gov guidance: Letter from the Minister of Housing to support social housing residents during coronavirus

The letter outlines the measures in place to support social housing residents during the next phase of reopening society during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov guidance: Staying safe outside your home during coronavirus.

Guidance outlines the principles you should follow when outside your home during coronavirus. 

Gov guidance: Essential worker coronavirus tests.

Guidance for essential workers and those who live with an essential worker around coronavirus tests.

Gov guidance: Coronavirus and the £5million loneliness covid-19 grant fund.

Information about the new government loneliness grant fund, eligibility and how to apply.

Gov guidance: Student Loans Company guidance for prospective students.

Guidance for prospective students from SLC and frequently asked questions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov update: guidance on accessing green space safely during the coronavirus

Guidance from the government around protecting yourself and others when outside during coronavirus.

Gov update: £2 billion package to boost walking and cycling to relieve the pressure on public transport.

Government guidance detailing their plan to return to life as near normal as possible. Includes guidance around: protecting different groups of people, staying at home, visiting public places, going to work, public gatherings and more. 

Gov Press Release: Public advised to cover faces in enclosed spaces.

Government guidance around wearing face coverings when in shops and on public transport to help reduce the spread of covid-19.

Gov Update: Safer travel guidance for passengers during coronavirus

Government guidance around safely using public transport, walking and cycling during covid-19 pandemic.

Gov update: Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEIS)

HMRC will be contacting customers who may be eligible for the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEIS).

Gov update coronavirus: Additional government resources to support businesses

Guidance from the government to help your business during coronavirus including useful helplines and links to webinars.

Gov update: New, free digital learning platform designed to help boost workplace skills.

‘The Skills Toolkit’ is a new online learning platform. Courses on offer include: everyday maths, digital marketing and coding.

Gov press release: Furloughed workers to receive full parental leave entitlement

Furloughed workers planning to take paid parental or adoption leave will be entitled to pay based on their usual earnings rather than a furloughed pay rate.

Gov guidance: Adjustments that The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) can make if your disability or health condition make it difficult to claim benefits and pensions.

Guidance includes information around various services including: Relay UK, textphone and video relay service. If you cannot use these platforms, then alternative methods are outlined in this government guidance.

Gov Press Release: New adult social care recruitment campaign launched to boost workforce

This new campaign is part of a wider government plan to attract more staff into the adult social care sector.

Gov Update: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme up and running

The Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme went live today, with businesses able to claim up to £2,500 a month towards staff wages.

Gov press release: mental health covid-19 campaign launches

Every mind matters campaign launched: advice around looking after mental wellbeing and it is supported by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Gov update: Guidance around how qualifications will be awarded this summer 2020

Gov Update: Guidance for parents, carers, teachers and students on how GCSE, AS Level, A level, vocational and technical qualifications will be awarded and graded in summer 2020.

Gov update: coronavirus and getting tested.

Coronavirus testing for critical workers who are self-isolating.

Gov update: Coronavirus- DBS applications free of charge and fast track barred list check service for healthcare and social care workers.

Temporary arrangements put in place by the Home Office and the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This applies to healthcare and social care workers in England and Wales, being recruited in connection with the provision of care and treatment of coronavirus, or those being recruited to backfill roles because of the impact of the pandemic.

Gov update: Home Secretary announces support for domestic abuse victims

Home Secretary Priti Patel has launched a new public awareness raising campaign outlining that help is still available to those experiencing or at risk of domestic abuse during the coronavirus outbreak 

Gov Policy Paper: Coronavirus - personal protective equipment (PPE) plan. plan for coronavirus.

The PPE plan provides guidance around who needs to use PPE and when and who does not need PPE as well as information and guidance on distribution and future supply.

Gov Press Release: Covid-19 Adoption Support Fund Scheme for vulnerable families

Up to £18 million of government funding for adoptive families during the coronavirus outbreak to meet needs. Emergency support offered to adoptive families includes: online counselling and couples therapy.

Gov Update: Coronavirus and prisons guidance

Coronavirus guidance for families and friends of those in Prison in England and Wales

Coronavirus Gov Update: Guidance on what to do if you were employed and have now lost your job due to coronavirus

Information from the government on what to do if you have lost your job due to coronavirus.

Coronavirus Gov Update: Online resources to help your children learn at home

Help your children to learn at home with online education resources released by the government.

Gov Update: Working Tax Credits

Government announcement that Working Tax Credits payments will be increased from 6th April 2020 - find out what's happening and who this affects.

Gov Update: Check if your employer can use the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Your employer is responsible for claiming through the Job Retention Scheme on your behalf and for paying you what you are entitled to. Find out if you’re eligible for the scheme and how much your employer can claim if they put you on temporary leave (furlough) because of the coronavirus.

Closure of educational settings: information for parents and carers

Information for parents and carers about the closure of schools and other educational settings following the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Gov Update - Chancellor gives support to millions of self-employed individuals

Rishi Sunak announces world-leading scheme to support the UK’s self-employed affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Call for businesses to help make NHS ventilators

We are looking for businesses to support in the production and supply of ventilators and ventilator components

Gov Update on new social distancing rules

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock speaks about new social distancing rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Gov Press Release: Covid-19 vaccine trials.

100,00 members of the public have already signed up to register for covid-19 vaccine trials. More members of the general public are encouraged to sign up.

Gov Press Release: New enforcement measures announced by the government.

From Saturday 15th August, we will see the reopening of  indoor theatres, music and performance venues, indoor play and softplay.  Bowling alleys, skating rinks and casinos will be permitted to reopen and beauty salons, tattoo studios, spas and barbers across England will be able to offer all close contact services and treatments. Fines will also be amended and introduced. 

Gov Press Release: Funding to prepare the NHS for winter confirmed by the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson announces the 117 Trusts allocated a share of £300 million to upgrade A&E facilities to help the NHS prepare for winter and the risk from further outbreaks of coronavirus.

Gov Press Release: Extra boost to support working families affected by coronavirus.

Working parents or carers who are eligible for Tax-Free Childcare or 30 hours free childcare but have temporarily fallen below the minimum income requirement as a result of the pandemic will continue to receive financial support until 31 October 2020.

Gov Press Release: New, rapid coronavirus tests coming before winter.

Both tests will be able to detect covid-19 and other winter viruses in just 90 minutes.

Gov Guidance: Shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from coronavirus.

From 1 August 2020, the government will pause shielding unless the transmission of covid starts to rise significantly.

Gov Update: Self-Isolation period extended from 7 days to 10 days.

UK Chief Medical Officers statement outlines that the self-isolation period has been extended to 10 days for those in the community who have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or a positive test result.

Gov Press Release: Government deal boosts chances of UK receiving Covid-19 vaccine.

The deal will secure early access to a promising, new covid-19 vaccine.

Gov Press Release: Face coverings are mandatory in shops, supermarkets, shopping centres and enclosed transport hubs from Friday 24 July.

This new measure is an important step in lifting lockdown in England. It will also be compulsory to wear a face covering when buying food and drink to take away from cafes and shops. Venues such as pubs, restaurants and gyms are exempt.

Gov News: Millions of face coverings will be made by production lines each week.

A government drive to increase UK production of face coverings has started.

Gov News: £266 million housing fund launched by Jenrick.

Next Steps Accommodation Programme launched on 18 July; resources available for councils to help ensure 15,000 continue to have a safe place to stay.

Gov Guidance: When to wear a face covering and how to make your own.

Guidance from the government also includes what a face covering is, how they reduce the transmission of covid-19 and how they should be safely used and stored.

Gov Speech 9 July 2020: The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary’s statement on coronavirus

As of this weekend, artists, musicians and dancers can start performing live outside to audiences. We’ll also have the resumption of recreational sport, followed later by the reopening of our gyms, swimming pools and leisure centres.

Gov Guidance: Introduction to T-Levels

From September 2020, T-Level courses (equivalent to 3 A-Levels) will be coming in following GCSES. Their content meets the needs of industry and prepares students for work.

Gov Speech 3 July: Prime Minister’s statement on coronavirus.

Boris Johnson updates the nation on the latest coronavirus information.

Gov Press Release: Public to leave name and number with venues they visit to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Executive Chair of NHS Test and Trace encourages the public to play their part in stopping the spread of  covid-19 from Saturday 4 July.

Gov Guidance: Guidance for small marriages and civil partnerships during coronavirus pandemic.

The government has been working with stakeholders in the wedding industry to consider how small marriages and civil partnerships can begin safely from 4 July.

Gov Press Release: New guidance for reopening galleries, museums and the heritage sector.

Boris Johsnon has announced that from the 4 July, museums, galleries and heritage attractions will be able to open. 

Gov Update: Driving lessons, theory tests and driving tests to restart in England.

On Saturday 4 July, driving lessons and theory tests will restart in England and on Wednesday 22 July, car driving tests will restart.

Gov Guidance: Meeting people from outside your household from 4 July.

From 4 July, you can meet in a group of 2 households (including your support bubble), in any location- public or private, indoors or outdoors. This does not need to be the same household each time.

Gov Press Release: Government has approved the world’s first coronavirus treatment for NHS.

The NHS are authorised to use the coronavirus treatment which is proven to reduce the risk of death.

Gov Press Release: Government funded Covid-19 vaccine movies into first human trials.

Clinical researchers will begin human trials of a new coronavirus vaccine developed by researchers at Imperial College in London.

Gov Guidance: How to wear and make a cloth face covering.

Public Health England guidance around making your own face covering using a t-shirt or by sewing your own cloth face covering.

Gov Press Release: Write letters to people isolating at home says Loneliness Minister.

Encouragement to the public to reach out to friends, family and neighbours who are elderly or otherwise clinically vulnerable. This includes those who are pregnant, aged 70 or older or with an underlying health condition

Gov Guidance: Advice for the public on mental health and wellbeing.

Information on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing during coronavirus.

Gov Guidance: Meeting people from outside your household.

From 13 June, adults who live alone or with dependent children only can form a ‘support bubble’ with one other household.

Gov Update: Coronavirus, work and financial support.

Guidance and support around working safely, travelling to work safely, reasonable adjustments for working from home, getting financial support if you are not working or you are working less, getting help paying for childcare and advice if you’re worried about working.

Gov Update: New powers for councils to keep cyclists safe.

Cycling Minister Chris Heaton-Harris has announced today (10 June 2020) that  cyclists will have safer journeys thanks to new laws coming into force.

Gov Update: Face coverings to become essential on public transport.

From 15th June, face coverings will be required while using public transport in England. 

Gov Guidance: furlough and redundancy.

What to do if your employer is now insolvent and you were furloughed using the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)

Gov Guidance: Help children aged 2-4 years old to learn at home during covid-19.

Advice for parents and carers of early years children who have not yet started school. 

Gov Guidance: The R number in the UK.

The R (reproduction) number in the UK is the average number of secondary infections produced by 1 covid-19 infected person. 

Gov Speech 31 May 2020: Communities Secretary’s statement on coronavirus.

Updates around the latest data on the coronavirus response and government’s support for the most vulnerable people in society.

Gov Press Release: Groups of 6 from different households can exercise outside under new rules.

From Monday 1st June 2020, people can exercise outside with up to 5 others from different households as long as strict social distancing guidelines are followed.

Gov guidance: social distancing guidance for young people during coronavirus pandemic.

Guidance around topics such as: protecting different groups of people, visiting public places, advice for young carers, travelling, going to work, education or childcare, looking after your wellbeing when staying at home and more.

Gov Press Release: coronavirus testing in the UK for everyone with symptoms.

Everyone who lives in the UK with coronavirus symptoms are eligible for coronavirus tests.

Gov update: coronavirus and our animals.

Advice for pet owners and livestock keepers in England around looking after animal welfare during the covid-19 pandemic. 

Gov guidance: common coronavirus questions and answers.

The most asked questions around coronavirus and answers from the government including questions around: social distancing, family and friends, when schools are reopening, weddings and rules for opening businesses.  

Statement from the UK Chief Medical Officers on an update to coronavirus symptoms

New information about coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms has been announced

Gov guidance: Moving house during the coronavirus outbreak.

Advice from the government for the public, social landlords and the industry around moving house during covid-19 in the private or social sector.

Gov update: Coronavirus and Self-Employment Income Support Scheme.

If you are self-employed or part of a partnership then you may be eligible for the government’s scheme if you have been affected by covid-19.

Gov Speech: 13th May 2020 Housing Secretary’s Statement.

The plan to safely restart, reopen and renew the housing market in line with the government’s response to covid-19.

Gov update: Social distancing, staying alert and staying safe.

Government guidance detailing their plan to return to life as near normal as possible. Includes guidance around: protecting different groups of people, staying at home, visiting public places, going to work, public gatherings and more. 

Gov Update: Guidance around working safely during coronavirus

Guidance for employees, the self-employed and employers around working safely in a variety of industries including: construction, factories, warehouses, other people’s homes, shops and restaurants offering takeaway or delivery services. 

Gov Press Release: New webinars to boost support for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) during coronavirus

The Department for International Trade is hosting a series of coronavirus (COVID-19) webinars, free for SMEs across the UK.

Gov update: Coronavirus bounce back loan scheme for small and medium-sized businesses

The scheme will launch on 4th May 2020, but read about what it will involve here.

Gov update: Accessing food and essential supplies during coronavirus.

Guidance from the government about how to access essentials if you are clinically extremely vulnerable or self-isolating.