Local Council Information & Updates

Below you will find a series of links to important information pages published to Council information pages on their own websites. This information is updated regularly.


Newcastle City Council: Additional coronavirus restrictions from Wednesday 30th September.

Restrictions include not socialising with other people outside of your own household or support bubble in private homes, gardens and all indoor public venues. Hospitality for food and drink is restricted to table service only and leisure and entertainment venues are required to close between 10 pm and 5 am.


Newcastle City Council: Update on reopening of schools

Newcastle City Council’s Director of Children, Education and Skills and Cabinet Member for Education and Skills have written to all parents and carers in Newcastle today about the government’s plans to send more children back to school after the half-term break.


Newcastle City Council: Looking after yourself during coronavirus.

Helpful information and advice around how to look after yourself and your family during this time, particularly when staying at home.


Newcastle City Council Update: Changes to the housing advice centre’s working arrangements during coronavirus pandemic.

What to do if you need housing advice or are homeless. 

Active Inclusion Newcastle information update: 14 April 2020


Newcastle City Council: Benefit advice services in Newcastle and benefit offices

Useful details of independent, free, benefits, money advice and support in Newcastle upon Tyne and contact details of the main benefit administrators, including JCP.


Newcastle City Council: Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

A variety of questions around coronavirus are answered. Topics include: help and advice available for businesses, Citylife Line, employment and benefits, parking, rent and council tax, social care, social distancing, waste management and more.


Newcastle Libraries

For information on the closure of libraries in Newcastle.

Northumberland Council.png

Northumberland Coronavirus Information

The latest information and advice for residents in Northumberland regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Newcastle City Council Service Disruptions

For information on how Newcastle City Council Services are being impacted, such as rubbish and recycling, housing and schools.


Newcastle City Council: Coronavirus changes to lockdown.

Keep up to date with coronavirus lockdown.


Newcastle City Council PhotoClub: Children’s experiences of Covid-19 crisis.

PhotoClub is part of Newcastle City Council’s Arts Connect initiative. Newcastle children and their families have created online isolation diaries to share their experiences with other isolated families and capture this historic time for future generations. 


Newcastle City Council:Looking after your sexual and reproductive health during lockdown

Information from Newcastle City Council detailing services that can support you and provide advice around things such as: emergency contraception, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and termination of pregnancy.


Newcastle City Council Update: Support for people during coronavirus

Updated guidance around a variety of topics during the coronavirus pandemic including scams awareness, rent support, money advice, feeding yourself and your family, domestic violence, council tax, Citylife Line and more.


Newcastle City Council: Drugs and Alcohol

Newcastle City Council outline services available during the coronavirus outbreak that can help, advice and support you for your alcohol or drug use (or for a family member), including contact details.


Newcastle City Council Update: School and Childcare

Find out the latest guidance around easter holiday school and childcare arrangements in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Newcastle City Council: Council Tax

Information on what to do if you’re struggling to pay your council tax.


North Tyneside Coronavirus Information

A dedicated page by North Tyneside Council with national and local information relating to COVID-19.


Newcastle City Council: Supporting families with summer holiday food budgeting.

The Public Health Team at Newcastle City Council have some useful tips to help families manage their food budgets during the summer holidays.


Newcastle City Council: My neighbourhood search tool for local provision.

Type your home postcode into the search tool and find out information around free and low-cost food provision in your area, bin collections and more.


Newcastle City Council: Your Homes Newcastle rent scam warning during coronavirus pandemic

Advice and guidance from YHN around scammers claiming to be from YHN.


Coronavirus and Benefits

A page including up to date and useful information and government advice and guidance around coronavirus and benefits.


Newcastle City Council guidance: Safeguarding adults and coronavirus

Some information on safeguarding adults and coronavirus for volunteers, professionals and members of the public.


Libraries Update

For updated information on the closure of libraries in Newcastle.


The Skills Hub

The Skills Hub is a collaboration between organisations in Newcastle and the North East offering employment support, careers advice and guidance and business start-up advice.


Citylife Line

Citylife Line is a new service that has been launched to help harness the outpouring of goodwill from residents in Newcastle who want to help the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 outbreak.